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The Seville Report Portfolio

The Seville Report Portfolio

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Thanks for checking out the portfolio page. Here is where we keep track of each issue of The Seville Report's performance. For anyone considering checking out a copy of The Seville Report, we update the gains every quarter, and at the six month mark we also reveal the name of the stocks that appear in each issue and the price we recommended it. If you purchased The Seville Report this is information that you already have.

Please Do Not make any investment off of material that is six months old or older. Publicly traded companies are changing all of the time, what was good in September may not be good in March or June. If you want to know if the research is still valid don't hesitate to email us here.


The chart above has all of The Seville Report Newsletter recommendations dating back to September 2017. The dark green bars indicate that the stock price has hit our initial profit target, or reached what we believed was the company's correct value. The black bars represent the returns on that particular newsletter (fees, commissions, and dividend payments not included). ^GSPC represents the S&P 500 and it's value on the date of a newsletter's release. The last two newsletter investment recommendations have not been revealed, but are typically revealed six months after the newsletter's release.

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