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Investing in Apple or Buying an iPhone XS

Almost a year ago after Apple introduced the iPhone X and its $1,000 price tag we looked at an alternative for the money. Instead of buying the new iPhone, which many of us are guilty of, what if we invested in Apple instead?

We discovered at the release of the iPhone 5S Apple's stock traded for $68.29 per share (price adjusted for splits). At the pre-order date for the iPhone X, Apple's stock traded for $163.05 per share. That's a gain of130% from iPhone 5S to iPhone X.

Since the iPhone X's pre-order date on 10/27/17 to the release of the iPhone XS on 9/21/18, Apple's stock has increased 33%.

Apple Stock's Price Rise From iPhone X to iPhone XS

Apple's stock continues to defy naysayers. With the release of three new iPhones and an updated Apple Watch we expect to see the same thing next year from Apple's stock.

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