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3 Potential Growth Industries

If you are an investor that prefers growth over everything, and you want to be involved in the next big thing, Here are three industries that could experience tremendous growth over the next several years.


Space Exploration

  • The revenue from the space businesses come from government space budgets, commercial human spaceflights, telecommunications, Earth observation, satellite manufacturing, launch industry, consumer equipment, and network equipment.

  • Satellite Manufacturing is a $15.5 billion industry.

  • According to Satellite Industry Association 2018 global revenue was $277.4B, which included ground equipment, satellite services, satellite manufacturing, launch industry, this was up 3% from 2017.

  • Space News reports 534 venture funds have invested in the space industry and $18 billion has been invested since 2009 to early 2019.

  • Goldman Sachs predicted the industry would reach $1 trillion in 2040

Alternative Meat

  • Bernstein sees the alternative meat industry being worth $40 billion.

  • JP Morgan believes the plant-based meat market can reach $100 billion in 15 years.

  • Barclays believes market can reach $140 billion ini 10 years.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

  • Gartner Predicts the business value created by AI will $3.9 trillion in 2022.

  • IDC predicts worldwide spending on cognitive & AI systems will reach $77 billions in 2022.

  • Forrestor Research has Cognitive computing tech at $1.2 trillion of global GDP by 2020.


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