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In Focus: The Millennial Problem

Thanks for checking out this week's In Focus, a weekly look in to companies, markets and this week an entire generation.

This week we saw news that Millennials are killing the canned tuna industry. That is right, Millennials targeted, researched, hunted and killed their enemy canned tuna. Another kill for Millennials. Nice job on that one.

Keep Killing Sh!t!

I applaud millennials, I truly do. Not buying cars and houses they can't afford, smart. Not renting apartments they can't afford, smart. Not buying fabric softener, another smart move. Not buying diamonds, also smart. Not investing, ahhh, this one I hate to admit to but I get it. Seeing your parents, uncles, aunts, neighbors loose it all or come close to losing it all during the dotcom bubble burst and then again in the housing market/credit crisis, I'd be skeptical of the markets too.

Millennial Kill List

I don't blame millennials for anything. The housing, car, credit card, real estate, fabric softener, diamond, and canned tuna industries are to blame for their predicaments.

Solve the Customers Problem

One of the earliest things anyone who has studied business or started a business learns is you must solve the customers problem, and when you do that customers will buy your product or service. The millennial problem is no secret, many are crippled by student loan debt. What has any of the industries being killed by millennials done to help millennials with their problem? These industries don't advocate for tuition free college, they don't advocate for wage growth, they don't even mention the problem.

Source: CNBC. No Wage Growth

When CEOs appears on business television to tell the world millennials are killing his/her industry, I never know if the CEO is upset at millennials for not buying cars or renting apartments that they can't afford, or if they are merely telling investors that the money train is slowing down and using millennials as their excuse? Either way fuck them.

Where is the Investment Idea?

The investment thought here is to avoid the complainers, short if you're really feeling bold. Companies and Industries that complain about missing out on a generation aren't exploring new possibilities and most importantly aren't solving the generations problems. These companies and industries will continue to lose value due to their failure to evolve.

Millennials Were Lied To!

Millennials were told that in order to get a good job they had to get a college degree, and the degree would pay for itself. Instead, all they've gotten from college is a bunch of debt and a job that they could've done out of high school, with little hope of a significant wage increase. To see the bosses boss make a Forbes list while you're saving up to splurge on guacamole this Friday isn't inspiring, it's a mental drain.

Continue on millennial, keep killing shit. Really, keep killing shit and maybe the industries of tomorrow will understand how important it is to address the problems of the consumer they covet.


What is The Seville Report?

If you are a millennial reading this I'll be honest, we are not a solution to your problem if your problem is student loan debt and low wages. We're an investment newsletter that provides investment ideas quarterly, We look to provide top-notch investment research and ideas to people who are interested in becoming investors and those that are interested in investing on their own. Our ideas are explained in an easy to ready style, so you don't have to be a Harvard graduate to understand the contents of our newsletter. While you may be busy dealing with other issues and not quite ready to invest, keep us in mind when you are, we'll be here.

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