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The Seville Report Issue IV

The Seville Report Issue IV

A new quarterly Seville Report is here with three great investment ideas for this quarter. Here is snippet of this quarter's report.

Since our last newsletter there have been many global events that have had an impact on the stock market. For one North Korea leadership met with South Korea’s leadership. Tensions in Syria and continuing issues in Venezuela have had an impact on oil prices. There have been data breach issues at Facebook, and Equifax has admitted to more records being compromised. Microsoft has entered the race to a trillion dollar valuation – as a dark horse – against Apple, Amazon, and Google, as well as a list of other issues in the cryptocurrency space.

There are so many issues influencing the market that it is hard to know where to invest money. Then there is the question of should we be invested at all? Our answer usually comes back to “The Plan.” Our investment plan dictates that we keep a mind set of wanting to invest but not needing to invest, that we research good companies with value stock prices, that after we find a possible investment we find as much information that speaks against our research, that we apply a grade, and that we invest in companies that grade out at A+, A, B+, B, C+, or C.

Shortly after releasing our last The Seville Report Newsletter, we researched Facebook and Phillip 66. Both stocks graded well and we made an investment in both, as the overall markets were going down. In these cases we stuck to the plan. We were unable to tell if the market was experiencing a pull back – which markets do – or if we were experiencing the big pull back that many analyst are waiting on. What we did know is that we had one company that graded out as a ‘B’ and another as a ‘C+’ so we made our investment. We stuck to our plan.

Click on the image below to purchase and download your copy of this quarter's The Seville Report.

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