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How to Invest Your Bitcoin Profits

How to Invest Your Bitcoin Profits

You were one of the lucky ones. You we're buying Bitcoin years ago, before most people knew what it was. You knew it was going to be big, so you started putting $5 here and $20 there in to it. You tried mining, but decided to stick to buying it outright. You held through mini rallies and mini pull backs, and now you've reached the point where you're unloading your Bitcoins. You're digital wallet size is decreasing but your bank account has never looked better. But now you have a dilemma, you need somewhere to invest your money.

If this sounds like you, here are 11 company's whose stocks are worth giving a look for a possible investment. None of these companies will likely see the growth Bitcoin saw in 2017, but they are solid companies, some of them even pay a dividend. Let's jump into it.

Adobe, (ADBE) Software & I.T.: If you've been sent a meme with the crying Michael Jordan face, or read a presentation containing info graphics, or even watched a vlog on YouTube, then you've likely seen Adobe software at work. Programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premier are being used by professionals and amateurs everyday to entertain the masses. Several years ago the company switched their business model to a subscription model. Now Adobe software users pay a monthly fee to use Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, and any other creative programs available in the Adobe Suite.

Adobe: $201.30

2018 Expected Revenue Growth Rate: 4.31%

Dividend Yield: 0%

$500 Invested 3 Years Ago: + $925

Return On Equity: 21.3%

Return on Assets: 9.9%

Alibaba (BABA) Retail: When American investors got introduced to Alibaba in 2014 when the company's stock began trading in the U.S., investors were sold that Alibaba is the Amazon of China. Besides the items sold direct to consumers, businesses can use Alibaba to buy products in bulk. If you we're a small business looking to make a dollar on the fidget spinner craze of last year, vendor's on Alibaba we're there selling fidget spinners in bulk. For over a decade Wall Street analyst have been talking about China's growing middle class and the buying power they will possess. The growth of the middle class in China hasn't hit a ceiling yet, and there is still room for Alibaba to grow.

Alibaba: $205.22

2018 Expected Revenue Growth Rate: 53.6%

Dividend Yield: 0%

$500 Invested 3 Years Ago: + $490.12

Return On Equity: 17.8%

Return on Assets: 7.8%

Data By Yahoo: Graphic By Seville Report

Data By Yahoo: Graphic By Seville Report

Amazon, (AMZN) Retail: Retail isn't dead, but consumer shopping habits have changed, and the change benefits Amazon, the company that offers just about everything from A to Z. Amazon's smart speaker Alexa has been as popular as the iPhone over the past several years, causing Google, Apple, and Sonos to create their own smart speakers. Then there is the Amazon Web Service or AWS, which is Amazon's cloud service. While many of us still aren't sure what the cloud is or what it can do, Amazon has created a thriving business with the cloud. Amazon has the number two position in cloud computing services behind Microsoft according to this Forbes article.

Amazon: $1,402.05

2018 Expected Revenue Growth Rate: 29%

Dividend Yield: 0%

$500 Invested 3 Years Ago: + $1,152.90

Return On Equity: 9.0%

Return on Assets: 2.1%

Apple, (AAPL) Consumer Electronics: An investment in Apple gives you exposure to many different markets. There is the iPhone which continues to sell major amounts of units even 10 years after its introduction. Then there is the company's updated Mac line up which has brought back the creatives who had abandoned Apple computers for faster and more powerful competitor computers. And the company's service division continues to grow at a double digit clip. Apple's stock looks to be gearing up for a run and break over $200 per share, now might be the time to be involved.

Apple: $171.51

2018 Expected Revenue Growth Rate: 19.3%

Dividend Yield: 1.36%

$500 Invested 3 Years Ago: + $226.23

Return On Equity: 36.8%

Return on Assets: 11.0%

Baidu (BIDU) Information Technology: Alibaba was described as the Amazon of China, Baidu is described as the Google of China. A lot falls under the Baidu umbrella like Baidu Nuomi, Baidu Deliveries, Baidu Mobile Game, Baidu Wallet, Baidu Maps, and others; and iQiyi, the online video platform that includes licensed movies, television series, cartoons, shows, and other programs. Aside from those offerings, Baidu has devoted tons of money to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Baidu's Apollo is described as the Android of the autonomous driving industry. If you feel you missed the boat on Google, Baidu could be a great alternative.

Baidu: $260.25

2018 Expected Revenue Growth Rate: 22.90%

Dividend Yield: 0%

$500 Invested 3 Years Ago: + $42.61

Return On Equity: 17.7%

Return on Assets: 4.0%

Data By Yahoo: Graphic By Seville Report

Data By Yahoo: Graphic By Seville Report

Data By Yahoo: Graphic By Seville Report

Berkshire Hathaway Class B, (BRK.B) Holding Company: Berkshire Hathaway is another stock that allows an investor to spread their dollar over a wide variety of companies and industries (click here for a list). Managed by the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway might not give a potential investor the rapid growth and excitement that Bitcoin had in the past, but it may be the safest bet on this list. Warren Buffett has proven time and time again that you don't have to be super speculative or super aggressive to make tons of money in the market.

Berkshire Hathaway: $217.19

2018 Expected Revenue Growth Rate: - 5.20%

Dividend Yield: 0%

$500 Invested 3 Years Ago: + $156.35

Return On Equity: 6.5%

Return on Assets: 2.8%

Facebook, (FB) Social Media: Social media platforms have come and gone since the internet became affordable enough for the masses. They weren't considered social media sites back then, but they ultimately did the same thing, connect people. However unlike GeoCities, Black Planet, and MiGente, Facebook has stood the test of time (in social media years at least). Mark Zuckerberg and his team continue to innovate to make the Facebook platform better. Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram were thought as bad moves at the time of the purchase, but the Instagram acquisition has paid off big for the company (they still haven't figured out how to monetize WhatsApp yet). In a recent post, Mark Zuckerberg stated Facebook as a company will look to prioritize the user experience and pull back a bit on the advertisements that flood users timelines. Many people jumped off of the Facebook bandwagon after the post, but I've learned over the last 10 years not to bet against Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook: $190.00

2018 Expected Revenue Growth Rate: 33.6%

Dividend Yield: 0%

$500 Invested 3 Years Ago: + $670.35

Return On Equity: 24.3%

Return on Assets: 15.7%

Google, (GOOGL) Information Technology: It is highly likely that you have used some Google product today. Google Search, Google Chrome, Android, Google Maps, Google Play, Google Hangouts, YouTube, A Nest device, Google Home, a Chrome Book, or the Google Pixel 2. Even as a person deep into the Apple ecosystem I use several Google products in my everyday workflow. And with everything that I mentioned that isn't where the company makes the majority of it's money. The large majority of Google's revenue comes from digital advertising. According to of the $223.7 billion in global advertising revenue for 2017, 33% of that revenue went to Google. You can read more about Google as an investment play here.

Google: $1,187.56

2018 Expected Revenue Growth Rate: 19.0%

Dividend Yield: 0%

$500 Invested 3 Years Ago: + $479.92

Return On Equity: 14.4%

Return on Assets: 9.9%

Data By Yahoo: Graphic By Seville Report

Data By Yahoo: Graphic By Seville Report

Microsoft, (MSFT) Software & I.T. Several years ago Microsoft's stock was basing under $30 per share. It had seemed that social media and smart phones we're just too much to take on for the company and it would relegate itself to just pushing Office updates and X-Boxes. But then the company started to find it's place in the mobile world. The company went to a subscription service for it's office suite. That's right, if you want to use an upgraded version of Word, Excel, or Power Point, you will have to pay a subscription fee. Besides that Microsoft is the leader in cloud computing services. It appears innovation is back at Microsoft and it may not be too late to get on board.

Microsoft: $94.06

2018 Expected Revenue Growth Rate: 10.0%

Dividend Yield: 1.73%

$500 Invested 3 Years Ago: + $565.95

Return On Equity: 27.6%

Return on Assets: 6.4%

Netflix, (NFLX) Entertainment: The movie and television streaming service that put Blockbuster out of business is still going strong. The company's most recent 4th quarter earnings call revealed Netflix added 8.3 millions new subscribers in the quarter. Netflix is growing overseas and still has room to grow. Even with company's like Apple and Facebook looking into producing original content Netflix is still winning. In the U.S. Netflix has become the fifth channel behind ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. The company wants to accomplish that same feat internationally. There is speculation that Netflix will bid for the rights to air NFL, NBA, MLB, or Premier League games when those contracts come up for negotiation. If this is true, getting in Netflix now might be the second best thing you invested in after Bitcoin.

Netflix: $274.60

2018 Expected Revenue Growth Rate: 34.3%

Dividend Yield: 0%

$500 Invested 3 Years Ago: + $1,053.65

Return On Equity: 15.0%

Return on Assets: 3.1%

Data By Yahoo: Graphic By Seville Report

Data By Yahoo: Graphic By Seville Report

Data By Yahoo: Graphic By Seville Report

Nvidia, (NVDA) Semiconductors: Known for their powerful graphic processing units that drive resource intensive PC gaming, Nvidia is branching out. If you're a gamer you are probably aware of Nvidia and their standing in the gaming world. However you may not know that Nvidia has entered the artificial intelligence and machine learning arena and is winning in this area as well. Nvidia was chosen by Uber to power Uber's self-driving cars, and Nvidia was recently picked by Mercedes-Benz to create an AI based infotainment system for the automaker.

Nvidia: $243.33

2018 Expected Revenue Growth Rate: 36.8%

Dividend Yield: 0.23%

$500 Invested 3 Years Ago: + $4,598.45

Return On Equity: 44.2%

Return on Assets: 18.5%


Any one of these 11 companies would make a great addition to any portfolio. There is something for every investor in the 11 companies listed, there is growth, there is dividend, there is aggressive and conservative. Now it must be stated that past results are no guarantee of future performance. If you're considering an investment in any of the companies listed please conduct your own research.

Pro Tip: From a technical aspect some of these companies may be better buys at this point in time than others. Apple for instance has recently pulled back below certain moving averages, whereas Netflix has been on a massive bull run over the past week and may be extremely overextended. This list was put together looking five to seven years down the line. While there will be some short term pull backs, we feel this list will be profitable in the next five to seven years.

If there is a company that you think should be on the list let us know on twitter @sevillereport or you can email us here.

Good luck and may your next investment be your best investment.

P.S. You can purchase your copy of this quarters The Seville Report with bitcoin.

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