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Investing Inside the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

This Holiday Season Nintendo finds itself in a usual place, at the top of many peoples holiday wish list. The Nintendo Switch (NTDOY) released by Nintendo back in March 2017 is still flying off of shelves everywhere. It's another in-demand product that could really help the top line of a chip manufacturer. did a break down of the Nintendo Switch allowing us to get a look at which company is providing what for the Nintendo Switch.

We've added the manufacturers name, the ticker symbol and the stock price. Thanks again to for the break down.


Red Box - The Toshiba THGBMHG8C2LBAIL 32GB eMMC NAND Flash IC manufactured by Toshiba, TOSYY $16.85.

The Front of the Motherboard.

Light Blue Box - The M92T36 630380 B1633, manufacturer unknown.

Orange Box - Two Samsung K4F6E304HB-MGCH 2 GB LPDDR4 DRAM manufactured by Samsung, KRX: 005930, 2,531,000 KRW

Red Box - The NVIDIA ODNX02-A2 (Tegra T210-based SoC), manufactured by NVIDIA, NVDA $186.47

Green Boxes - Two Maxim Integrated MAX77621AEWI+T three phase buck regulator manufactured by Maxim Integrated, MXIM $51.28

Yellow Box - The Broadcom/Cypress BCM4356 802.11ac 2×2 + Bluetooth 4.1 SoC, manufactured by Broadcom, AVGO $259.34 and Cypress, CY $15.04

Green Box - The B1633 GCBRG HAC STD T1001216 manufacturer unknown.

Yellow Box - The Maxim Integrated MAX77620AEWJ+T PMIC manufactured by Maxim Integrated, MXIM $51.28

Red Box - The Pericom Semiconductor PI3USB30532 USB 3.0/DP1.2 matrix switch, manufactured by Pericom subsidiary of Diodes Inc., DIOD $28.22

Orange Box - The Realtek ALC5639 audio codec manufactured by Realtek, (2379.TW) 103.50 TWD (Trades on the Taiwan Stock Exchange)

The Joy-Con (controller) motherboard

Orange Box - The STMicroelectronics NFCBEA 812006 33 (Likely NFC reader IC) manufactured by STMicroelectronics, STM $21.56

Red Box - The Broadcom BCM20734 Bluetooth 4.1/2.4 GHz Transceiver manufactured by Broadcom, AVGO $259.34

Yellow Box - The Macronix International MX25U4033E 4 Mb CMOS Flash manufactured by Macronix (TPE 2337) 42.40 TWD (Trades on the Taipei Exchange)

The Nintendo Switch Home/ Dock Motherboard

Green Box - The M92T17 623382

Red Box - The ​Macronix International MX25L512E 512 Kb CMOS flash manufactured by Macronix (TPE 2337) 42.40 TWD (Trades on the Taipei Exchange)

Yellow Box -The Megachips STDP2550 Mobility DisplayPort (MyDP) to HDMI Converter manufactured by MegaChips, (6875:JP) ¥3,235 (Trades on the Tokyo Exchange)

Orange Box - The Macronix International MX25V2006E 2 Mb CMOS flash manufactured by Macronix (TPE 2337) 42.40 TWD (Trades on the Taipei Exchange)

Pink Box - The M92T55 633416 manufacturer unknown.

Light Blue Box - STMicroelectronics 32P048 manufactured by STMicroelectronics, STM $21.56

Blue Box - VIA Labs VL210 USB 3.0 Hub Controller manufactured by Via Labs, Inc. Via Labs is a private company.

It's our opinion that in order to find a good investment idea, it would be best to check out some of our other "Investing Inside" reviews to see which manufactures are getting their products inside other in-demand consumer electronics. A company who is able to place its products in multiple in-demand consumer electronics may be worth a real look as a possible investment.

There is no denying that the Wii U didn't meet expectations but it does appear consumers and gamers are drawn to the Nintendo Switch (NTDOY). Hopefully the demand for the Nintendo Switch will benefit the manufacturers who provide the materials needed for the Switch.

Thanks to for the break down. Before you hit the buy button on any one of these companies make sure to do your own research.

We look forward to looking under the hood of more popular electronics to find investment ideas. If you want stay updated with The Seville Report's post and what companies we are reviewing go to and leave your email.

Happy Holidays.

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The Seville Report, Quarterly Report

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