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Investing Inside the Google Home

When Amazon released the Echo in 2014 and saw success with it, we knew it was only a matter of time before other consumer electronic companies followed. Google followed with the Google Home, a smart speaker that will let you rock out to your playlist, control your tv, and your LED lights. While Amazon's Echo has captured the bulk of the sales, the Google Home isn't doing to bad, Geek Wire estimates that 7 million Google Home units have been sold since its release. If a company is able to get its product inside of the Google Home, that could result in a nice bit of revenue.

Thanks to ifixit.com we get a look inside of a Google Home. We've matched the part to the color used on the circuit boards, and in bold lettering we have the company's name, the ticker symbol, and the current stock price of this writing. If you would like to learn more about a specific company, the company's names and stock prices are linked to their websites.

The LED Board

Yellow Boxes - InvenSense INMP621 MEMS microphones manufactured by TDK InvenSense, TTDKY $78.72

Red Box - The Atmel ATSAMD21 32-bit AMR Cortex-MO+microncontroller Manufactured by ARM. ARM is wholly owned subsidiary of Softbank Group. SFTBF $83.05

Orange Boxes - The NXP PCA9956BTW LED Drivers manufactured by NXP, NXPI $115.59