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Investing Inside the iPhone X

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

The iPhone X has arrived with great fan fare. Apple has created a stunning phone with a lot of screen space, very small bezels, and great technology.

Thanks to Tech Insights break down of the iPhone X we get a look inside to see what makes the iPhone X go. We aren't doing a tech review, we are looking at the publicly traded companies that are supplying Apple. If you want a thorough tech review of the iPhone X visit Tech Insights.

Tech Insights has done all of the hard work, we've noted the manufactures name, ticker symbol, and the stock price as of the time of this writing. If you would like to research any of the companies on your own, the manufacturer names are linked to their website. Let's see what's inside Apple's iPhone X.

The Display

OLED Display and OLED Display driver manufactured by Samsung. (KS005930 on the KRX, ₩2,789,000 or $2,546.86)

OLED Display PMIC manufactured by STMicroelectronics. (STM, $24.05)

Broadcom Ltd. AVGO $268.04

The Avago Quadplexer

The Avago AFEM-8066 FEM

The Avago AFEM 8056-FEM

The Broadcom BCM59355 Wireless Charging

Skyworks SWKS $110.24

The Skyworks SKY13764 RF Switch

The Skyworks SKY77367 PAM

The Skyworks SKY13767 RF Switch

Intel Corp. INTC $46.65

The Intel PMB6848 PMIC

The Intel PMB9948 Modem