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Investing Inside The Apple Watch 3

A look inside the Apple Watch 3 proves again that there is more that one way to skin a cat or more than one way to benefit from the success of the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch 3 is packed with products by publicly traded companies.

Thanks to Tech Insights break down of the Apple Watch Series 3, 42mm Sports Band Model with GPS + Cellular, we get a chance to see who provided what for the Apple Watch 3. We aren't doing a tech review, we want to know where these companies are trading at and if their stock price warrants an investment. If you want a thorough tech review of the Apple Watch 3 visit Tech Insights.

Tech Insights has done all of the hard work, we've noted the manufactures name, ticker symbol, and the stock price as of the time of this writing. The part provided is listed under the manufactures name. If you would like to research any of the companies on your own, the manufacturer names are linked to their website. Let's see what's inside the Apple Watch 3.

Broadcom AVGO $243.76

The Broadcom BCM15920 Custom Sensing ASCI

The Broadcom BCN59356 Wireless Charging Power Unit

Qualcomm QCOM $53.80

The Qualcomm MDM9635M LTE Modem with Samsung K4P1G32EH SDRAM

The Qualcomm PMD9645 PMIC

Toshiba TOSBF $2.92

Toshiba NAND Flash

Bosch is a privately held company

The Bosch Gyro & Accelerometer

ST Microelectronics STM $23.08

The STMicro ST33G1M2

Universal Scientific Industrial Shngh SHA: 601231 14,33 CNY or $2.16

The USI 339M00034 Qualcomm WTR3925 RF Transceiver

Broadcom AVGO $243.76

The Avago AFEM-8069 Front-End Module

Qualcomm QCOM $53.80

The Qualcomm QFE3 100 Envelope Tracker

Skyworks SWKS $105.52

The Skyworks SKY78108 PAM

Analog Devices ADI $90.56

The Analog Devices 343S00092 Capacitive Touch Screen