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Investing Inside The iPhone 8 Plus

It's been 10 years since Apple released the iPhone and started its dominance of the cell phone market, and as great as the iPhone has been to Apple, it has been just as great for a host of other companies as well.

Thanks to Tech Insights break down of the new iPhone 8 Plus we get a chance to see who provided what for the iPhone 8 Plus. We aren't doing a tech review, we want to know where these companies are trading at and if their stock price warrants an investment.

Tech Insights has done all of the hard work, we've noted the part, the manufacturer, the ticker symbol and the stock price as of the writing. If you would like to research any of the companies on your own, the manufacturer names are linked to their website. Let's see what's inside the iPhone.

The Apple iPhone 8 Plus

First lets discuss the iPhone 8 Plus display. This is an LCD Multi-Touch display with IPS technology. (The iPhone X will feature an OLED display).

The LCD Screen for the iPhone 8 plus is manufactured by Japan Display (6740.T, ¥245, $2.17).

If you're considering an investment in Japan Display you should check this article out first.

The Logic Board

The ALPS e-Compass is manufactured by Alps Electric. (6770 Japan Tokyo, ¥3,060; $27.35)

The NXP NFC 80V18 is manufactured by NXP. (NXPI $115.17)

The Qorvo QM76041 PAM is manufactured by Qorvo. (QRVO $72.39)

The Avago 8056LE PAM is manufactured by Broadcom Ltd. (AVGO $247.96)

The Avago 8066LC PAM is manufactured by Broadcom Ltd. (AVGO $247.96)

The Qorvo QM81004 is manufactured by Qorvo. (QRVO $72.39)

The Intel PMB9948 is manufactured by Intel Corp. (INTC $39.73)

The A11 APL1W72 is manufactured by Apple. (AAPL $160.39)

The Micron 3GB LPDDR4X SDRAM is manufactured by Micron (MU $40.40)

The Logic Board

The Skyworks SKY13764-15 RF Switch is manufactured by Skyworks Solutions. (SWKS $106.66)

The Skyworks SKY13767-15 RF Switch is manufactured by Skyworks Solutions. (SWKS $106.66)

The SK Hynix 3D NAND is manufactured by SK Hynix. (KS000660 85,400 Korean Won, $75.77)

The NXP Display Port Multiplexer is manufactured by NXP. (NXPI $115.17)

The TI SN2501 Battery Charger is manufactured by Texas Instruments. (TXN $93.59)

The TI M3539 Backlight LED Driver is manufactured by Texas Instruments (TXN $93.59)

The TI TPS65730 Display Power os management is manufactured by Texas Instruments. (TXN $93.59)

The EPCOS D5341 RF Switch is manufactured by TDK Epcos (TDK $68.96)

The Intel PMB 5757 RF Transceiver is manufactured by Intel. (INTC $39.73)

The Cypress CYPD2104 USB Type-C Controller is manufactured by Cypress. (CY $15.86)

The Intel PMIC PMB6848 is manufactured by Intel. (INTC $39.73)

The USI Wi-Fi Module 339500397 is manufactured by USI (SHA: 601231, 13.81 CNY, $2.09)

The Avago PA Duplexer is manufactured by Broadcom Ltd. (AVGO $247.96)

Tech Insight also noted in their teardown of the iPhone 8 Plus an Intel XMM7480 modem, which is manufactured by Intel (INTC $39.73) and a ToF chip + VCSEL sourced from STMicroelectronics (STM $19.98).

There are many other parts of the iPhone that we didn't get to in this break down, but there are more than enough possible investments in what we were able to review.

Before you hit the buy button on any one of these companies make sure to do your own research. At The Seville Report we're interested in reviewing NXP for a possible investment. NXP sparked our interest because they also provide the NFC chip for the Nike NBA Connected Jersey. You can read more about that and Nike here or watch the review here.

We look forward to looking under the hood of more popular electronics to find investment ideas. If you want stay updated with The Seville Report's post and what companies we are reviewing go to and leave your email.

Thanks again,

Happy Investing.


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