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Did You Know? Bitcoin is in a Bubble

Did you know that Bitcoin is in a bubble? Whether you are a Bitcoin advocate or a Bitcoin hater it's hard to argue that Bitcoin is not in a bubble or reaching bubble status.

Looking at a "Classic Bubble" chart from Forbes, we get the breakdown of how a bubble is formed from a technical view.

Forbes Classic Bubble Chart

Comparing the Bitcoin chart below from World Coin Index to the Forbes Classic Bubble Chart we can see the similarities.

It appears Bitcoin is in the "Mania Phase" of its chart.

If you were late to the Bitcoin party, a bursting bubble will give you an opportunity to purchase or invest in Bitcoin at a lower price in the future. Think of the housing market after the housing bubble burst, housing prices were much lower in 2010 as compared to 2007.

If you purchased or invested in Bitcoin recently this means you need to think defensively. Develop a strategy that allows you to benefit from a continued rise, but also caps your losses if Bitcoin's value declines.

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