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Uber has filed for its IPO. It's the most anticipated tech IPO since Facebook.

Pinterest IPO.001.jpeg

Pinterest plans to go public this year, here are some things you should know.


Could U.S. Markets Benefit from a Brexit Breakdown?

Britain's official EU exit has hit a few snags, could this benefit U.S. markets?

How to Invest in Cannabis.jpeg

Finding a Cannabis Investment

The legalization of marijuana for recreational and medicinal use has created lots of investment opportunities.

Bear Market.jpeg

Bears over Bulls

The markets have been under extreme pressure, retracing from their early October highs.


Aurora's Grows Revenue

Canada-based Aurora Cannabis Inc. tripled its revenue.


May Jobs Number

Nonfarm payrolls increase by 223,000 in May, vs 188,000 estimate


Walmart's New Service

Order-by-Text may be coming to a Walmart near you.


Pay off Student Loans or Save For Retirement?

 Pay or save? What graduates should know.


UBI in Chicago

Chicago could embrace Universal Basic Income.


AI, ML, & Automation

We are living in exciting and innovative times with futuristic technology literally at our fingertips.


Netflix New Service

Netflix test new service in European territories

Piggy Bank Test.001.jpeg

Student Loans or Save for Retirement

Paying off Your Student Loans or Save Retirement. What to do?

Buffetts Apple Win.001.jpeg

Buffett's Big Win

Buffett's Investment in Apple Has Really Paid Off.

LYFT IPO.001.jpeg

Originally thought to be $62 - $68 per share, Lyft has raised its offering price.

Beyond Meat IPO.001.jpeg

Where Do You Get Your Protein?

Beyond Meat plans to go public here are some things you should know.

5 Unicorns That Could Go Public..jpeg

Investors are eyeing more than Uber and Lyft for 2019

Tech Crunch takes a look at 5 unicorns that could go public in 2019

Apple vs Microsoft.jpeg

Apple or Microsoft?

After the recent tech sell off Apple is no longer the $1 trillion company. 

Disney Stream.jpeg

Disney's Streaming Service

Disney attempts to put pressure on Netflix with their own streaming service.


Lyft & Uber Race to IPO

It appears investors will soon be able to invest in Lyft and Uber.

Cannabis stocks 1.001.jpeg

Cannabis Stocks Rise

Weed related stocks have been on the rise lately, providing investors with big profits.


Walgreens Replacing GE

After over 100 years as a Dow component GE is being replaced.


Twitter Joins S&P500

Twitter to replace Monsanto on the S&P 500


IG exploring One-hour video

Instagram is exploring one-hour video. This will put IG in competition with YouTube for new and established creators.


Disney Increase Bid for Fox

Disney increases bid for 21st Century Fox, after Comcast made an offer for 21 Century Fox


What are FAANG Stocks?

A beginners guide to FAANG stocks

Debt Retire.001.jpeg

Handling Debt in Retirement

4 Ways to Deal with Debt in Retirement.

Apple Earnings.001.jpeg

Apple Earnings Beat 

Apple's Earnings Beat Wall Street Expectations

For participating in the 7th Annual Char

Kobe's Winning Investment

Kobe Bryant's investment in Body Armor pays off.

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