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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Seville Report?

The Seville Report is an investment newsletter for the novice investor and the experienced investor. The Seville Report is published quarterly and typically showcases three to four stocks that were reviewed by our team and made a passing grade in our system. The report itself is written in a way that is easy to understand for people new to investing, but the ideals discussed are for anyone serious about investing.

With the Seville Report the aim is to make winning investments while removing the mystery from investing. Our newsletters and website are filled with information for the new investor. We understand that while some can read the report and move forward with an investment, others are left wondering what to do next. The Seville Report can guide those new investors into becoming good investors.

Take a look at a sample Seville Report to get an ideal of what type of information The Seville Report provides.

What is The Seville Report Investment Strategy?

At The Seville Report we use fundamental analysis when researching companies. We are looking for undervalued companies. These companies could be Blue Chip companies or up and coming growth companies. If we can identify value in the company we will present it in the Seville Report.

Why does The Seville Report get published quarterly instead of monthly?

We review many companies per quarter, and each receives a grade an A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D, and F, just like a report card. We only suggest investments that grade a 'C' or better. We don't find many investment grade opportunities on a week-to-week basis. When we review a stock we are thinking about safety of capital first and foremost. We feel to publish monthly would require us to feature a lot of 'D' grade stocks just to get the report out. Being thorough, cautious, and right on a handful of ideals is more important than being published monthly. We want to take our time and get it right.

Why do you only highlight three to four stocks a quarter?

For reasons closely related to why we publish quarterly instead of monthly. While we do review many companies, only a select view make a passing grade. Also we believe that to be a successful investor you don't have to buy and sell dozens of stocks a years. Buying and holding a select few stocks a year can reap huge benefits for any investors portfolio.

How do I start investing?

To start investing you need capital, a broker, and investment ideals. If you have the capital, your next step is to find a broker. You can use a full service broker or a discount broker. A full service broker like Merrilll Lynch, Morgan Stanley, or even your bank will help you invest your money after sitting down with you and discussing your financial plans. A full service broker will generate investment ideals for you. A discount broker are companies like E-Trade, Robinhood, or TD Ameritrade. Discount brokers allow you access to the market so that you can make investment purchases, and they charge low commissions. Each discount broker is different in their own way. Some offer investment ideals and investment reports, others only offer a platform to buy and sell investments. To read more about getting started and using a discount broker click here.

Can The Seville Report do my investing for me?

The Seville Report is not a registered broker-dealer, so we cannot do your investing for you. But investing can be pretty simple when you have a good source for investment ideals. The Seville Report can provide you with the investment ideals you need to be a successful investor. 

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