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When it comes to choosing a broker there are several things to consider like commission cost, the minimum requirement to open an account, the investments it offers, education, research, and the overall platform to name a few. Some brokers offer banking along with credit cards, others offer insurance services. Choosing the right broker is a personal preference, what would be considered the best broker to one investor may not be to another investor. 

We've compiled a list of the most popular online brokers as well as several brokerages that are gaining in popularity. The list is in no particular order. We noted the brokers fees and cost for buying stocks, ETFs, and options. We also researched the account minimums fore each brokerage. The features listed are the investments each brokerage offers.You will notice some offer just about everything, stocks, bonds, ETFs, funds, foreign exchange, and futures, while others are very basic in their offerings. Some brokers offer research and education for their customers, while others do not. This list is a good guide to get started with but don't only use the list, we suggest you check out the websites for yourself. 

Each broker has its own selling points, this information may not be enough to make a final decision but it should point you in the right direction. There are many things to consider when choosing a broker, we hope this list helps in your decision. 

Two names not on the list are Option House and Option Exress. Option House has now integrated with E-Trade and Option Express is integrating with Schwab.

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